Sunday, May 8, 2011

Decoupaged Louis XIV Chest

I have been reading The Sun King's Garden by Ian Thompson. Inspired by the Sun King I dropped everything on the first warm day and headed off to Lowes and Home Depot for plants. I spent the last two weeks planting and getting the garden in shape which left little time to work on my Sun King project.

I really like decoupage and wanted to do another project. I also wanted to do another historic project. Brittany really liked the Marie Antoinette chest and asked for a similar one with the Sun King. Since she thinks "the Sun King is awesome" I chose him as my decoupage project. The project is taking longer than I anticipated so I am posting it as a work in progress. I will post the work as it progresses and the directions when the piece is finally finished.

Small wooden chest-sanded and varnished

Drawers-painted slate gray and accented with gold

Chest painted and varnished.

Picture of Louis XIV decoupaged on top of the chest.

Decorative elements molded from polymer clay