Friday, June 27, 2014

Chanel Glass Block Light

I have always admired the ultra chic, elegant and outspoken Coco Chanel. While browsing through Stamp Francisco's on-line catalog, I discovered the Fashion Icon stamp. I couldn't resist ordering the Chanel stamp for use in my projects. After all I have always considered Mademoiselle a sort of mentor to me. It is from her that I learned that "fashion fades but style remains" and pearls (not diamonds) are a girl's best friend.

Now that I have acquired the stamp I wanted to use it in a project. I floated several ideas (a mixed media canvas, cards, journal projects) but none of them were right. Suddenly the idea hit me. I had bought a glass block that I wanted to turn into a light-what about a Chanel light?

First I stamped the image on the block with Staz-On black ink, but the glass was slick and the stamp shifted causing the image to blur. I cleaned the glass block with nail polish remover and then washed and dried it. I decided to stamp the image on transparency film for laser printers. The image came out crisp and clear. I trimmed the film close to the image and ran it through the Xyron machine to make a decal which could be applied to the glass block. I embellished the block and put a strand of 20 mini white lights inside. I was originally going to use the light in another part of the house but I really like having it in my studio, so it's staying. The light was difficult to photograph because of glare from the reflection of the lights. The actual block is beautiful when lit.

Chanel decal.
Detail of the top-bow and roses.
Finished block.
Finished light.

Directions for Chanel Glass Block Light:

Stamp Francisco Fashion Icon rubber stamp- available from Stamp
Strand of 20 mini lights-white- available from Hobby Lobby
Glass Block-available at Hobby Lobby or JoAnn
Dark Rose 1 1/2 inch grosgrain ribbon- mine is recycled from a package
Pink self-adhesive pearls and one white pearl
Prima roses-one off white and one pink
Martha Stewart Rose Leaf craft punch
Scrap of dark green card stock- a piece large enough to make three rose leaves
Staz-On Black ink
Transparency film for laser printer-available from Office Depot or Staples
Hot glue gun
Xyron Create a sticker machine
Craft Wire

1.  Wash and dry the glass block to remove any residue.

2.  Ink the Chanel stamp with the black ink. Press the stamp on the transparency film and lift the stamp straight up off the film. Don"t let the stamp shift as you stamp the image or lift the stamp away. Shifting the stamp will distort the image.

3. Trim the film, leaving approximately a 1/4 inch border around the sides and bottom of the image. Trim the Chanel name away from the top of the image.  Run the trimmed image through the Xyron machine (face up) to make a decal. Peel away the paper backing and center the decal on the glass block. and press into place.

4.  Attach a row of pink pearls above the top and below the bottom of the decal.

5. Cut a piece of rose ribbon to fit around the glass block. Glue the end of the ribbon near the opening for the light on the bottom of the block. Wrap the ribbon around the sides and the top of the block and glue the edge of the ribbon under the block near the opening for the light.

6.  Make three ribbon loops, each one slightly smaller than the previous one. Pinch the center of the loops to make a bow and secure with craft wire. Glue a white pearl to the center of the bow (over the wire).  Cut a piece of ribbon to fit over the top of the block and extend over the edges to make a streamer. Glue this to the ribbon and then glue the bow on top of the streamer.

7.  Glue the Prima roses to the top of the block in front of the ribbon.  Punch three leaves out of dark green card stock, using the rose leaf craft punch. Glue the leaves under the roses.

8.  Insert the mini lights in the block and plug the light in.