Monday, November 21, 2011

Making a Beautiful Bow

A beautiful bow can transform an ordinary wrapped gift into something special. I have found that most people don't know how to make a bow. In fact they seem a little intimidated by it.

It's really easy to make a bow. The only materials that you need are ribbon, craft wire and scissors. I use approximately 6 yards of 2 1/2 inch wide wire edged ribbon. You don't need to use wire edged ribbon but I think it makes it easier to shape the bow after it's made. I usually buy a spool of ribbon with more 6 yards and leave the ribbon attached to the spool as I work. This ensures that I don't run out of ribbon while making my bow.

Step One: Measure approximately 8 inches from the end of the ribbon. After you have made several bows you will be able to do this without measuring. Pinch the sides of the ribbon between your thumb and index finger.

Step Two: Make a loop and pinch the ends between you thumb and index finger.

Step Three: While pinching the loop tightly between your fingers, twist the ribbon and turn it so that the wrong side of the ribbon is now facing up. Make another loop bringing it toward your thumb and index finger. Pinch the ends of the ribbon in.

Step Four: Twist the ribbon so that the wrong side of the ribbon faces up and make another loop.

Step Five: Repeat the twisting and turning the ribbon to make loops until there are five loops on each side of the bow.

Step Six: While pinching the ribbon between your thumb and index finger wrap craft wire tightly around the bow. After wrapping the wire around the bow several times twist the wire close to the bow. Leave about 5 inches of wire and cut off the excess. Cut the ribbon from the spool approximately 12 inches from the twisted wire.

Step Seven: Shape the bow by separating the loops to give the bow a full look.

Hopefully I have demystified bow making.