Saturday, January 7, 2012

Miss Meow

I love painting and I love animals, so naturally most of my paintings are of animals. After Christmas Denis asked if I would consider painting a portrait of his cat? My response was an enthusiastic yes. I love painting and look for any opportunity to while away hours in my studio working on my next artistic creation. Denis e-mailed me a photo of Miss Meow and I couldn't wait to get started.

As an artist I don't limit myself to working only in one medium. Although my favorite medium is acrylic paints on canvas, I would quickly tire of painting all my portraits in acrylic. I prefer to let my subject dictate the media and Miss Meow was no exception. She is a beautiful black cat with smokey highlights. Her black fur has a velvety sheen. Oil pastels seemed like the perfect choice because the smokey highlights could easily be blended into the black fur. The oil pastels would also give the cat's fur a velvety sheen and softness.

I just finished the portrait and couldn't wait to photograph it. I used a temporary frame lying around my studio to photograph the painting.

I would like to thank Denis for entrusting me to paint a portrait of Miss Meow. She is truly a beautiful cat and was an interesting subject to paint.