Sunday, August 26, 2012

Crazy foot Sock

I bought a copy of Ann Budd's Master Sock Knitting and some yarn while on vacation. I was anxious to start knitting. The book is divided into two parts: one devoted to knitting top down socks and the other section contains patterns for knitting socks from the toe up. I have tried both methods and I definitely prefer knitting from the top down.

 I personally think that the socks knitted this way fit my foot better. Besides I like knitting socks on double pointed needles.  I found knitting socks using two circular needles to be a bit confusing and I didn't like the ladders that were formed at the join of the needles. While buying this yarn, a woman in the yarn store approached me and asked if I had tried knitting from the toe up rather than using double pointed needles? I explained that I have tried both methods and still prefer the double pointed needles. She really loved knitting on two circular needles and tried very hard to convince me that this was the best way because I wouldn't have to "mess with those double pointed needles." I thanked her for her advice and quietly went to retrieve my yarn, which by this time had been wound into balls.

What can I say? I like knitting on double pointed needles so naturally I chose a sock pattern knitted from the top down. Anne Hanson ( is one of my favorite designers so when I saw her lacy sock pattern in the book I just had to knit them. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. I knitted my socks in Mountain Colors Crazyfoot in the Alpine color. This pattern is called a lace pattern but it's not an open lace making it suitable for socks. I'm really happy with the finished result. The Crazyfoot yarn gives the sock a nice cushy feel and the socks fit well with my Birkenstock clogs.

Sock Update: This pattern worked so well with the Crazyfoot yarn that I started knitting another pair in the Winter Sky color (deep blues and purple). I love my socks and wear both pairs on a regular basis. Even after repeated machine washing the socks still look and fit great.