Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Queen of Hearts

One of my favorite books is Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. My absolute favorite character is the Cheshire Cat. There is something so cool about a cat that appears and disappears at will leaving behind only a grin.

A few years ago I was browsing through the literature section at Borders and was fortunate enough to find Alice In Wonderland translated into French. While working on this project I decided to consult the French version to give me another perspective on the characters. I went to the bookshelf to consult the book and couldn't find it. I searched for an hour with no luck. I was on a mission to find it because the French version can't be easily replaced. After tearing apart my study I finally found my treasured copy of Alice In Wonderland.

The images on Cricut's Once Upon A Princess cartridge are so cute that I decided to adapt them to the Alice In Wonderland characters. Here's my version of the Queen of Hearts.

Directions for Queen of Hearts:

1. Using the Cricut Once Upon a Princess cartridge cut Doll 3 at 4 1/2 inches out of cream card stock. Then press the layer key and cut the hair out of orange card stock. Repeat this using pink card stock (for the mouth) and violet card stock (for the eyes).

2. Keep the dial set at 4 1/2 inches and cut the dress for princess 4 out of black card stock. Press the shift key and cut the skirt out of red heart patterned card stock. Using the layer key and red card stock cut the bodice for the dress.

3. Load gold metallic card stock into the Cricut and cut the scepter using the shift key for Princess 4. Change the dial to 1 1/2 inches. Select the font key and then press the chick key to cut the crown. Glue some red card stock behind the crown and trim the card stock to conform to the shape of the crown (if necessary). Glue three pearls evenly spaced along the bottom of the crown. Glue a large crystal in the center of the crown and two smaller ones on either side. Apply red glitter glue to the red card stock center of the crown.

4. Set the dial to 1 inch. Cut 5 small hearts out of red card stock. Select the font key and Crown 2. Attach on heart to the top of the scepter and apply red glitter glue. Glue a small pearl to the top of the scepter.

5. To assemble the Queen of Hearts glue the black dress to the doll. Layer the red bodice over the dress and glue in place. I cut off the skirt that was attached to bodice. Glue the heart patterned skirt over the black dress just below the bodice. Next glue three small pearls evenly spaced to the bodice to resemble buttons. Make a small bow from narrow red ribbon and glue it to the point where the bodice and the skirt meet. Evenly space the four hearts along the bottom of the dress. Layer the hair on the doll and glue in place. Glue eyes and mouth in place. Highlight the doll's hair with red and orange chalk. Use pink chalk to add blush to the cheeks. Glue the scepter to the doll's hand. Attach the crown to the doll's head with glue.

6. Using TPC Studio The Reasons I Love You card stock: With the gray patterned side cut a piece approximately 4 inches by 6 1/2 inches and attach the doll using raised glue dots. Cut a piece of red paper 1/4 inch larger than the dimensions of the gray paper. Glue the gray card stock on top of the red paper. Using the heart print side of the card stock layer the red paper on top so that a heart border frames the piece. Mat the heart print layer on top of black card stock.

7. Glue red sheer ribbon to opposite corners of the card. Make a small bow and attach to the upper right hand corner. Attach the card to a white half fold card using raised glue dots.