Thursday, September 2, 2010

La Sorciere

After years of use some of our Halloween decorations were looking kind of ratty and worn. Brittany and I decided it was time to replace them and headed off to our local Home Goods store to browse the Halloween section. It was there that we found a collection of interesting colorful witches unlike any thing that we had seen before. These witches had smiling green faces carved out of resin. We couldn't decide which witch to buy because all three were cute. Unfortunately Home Goods had only one of each of the styles of witches. As we debated our choice a woman came up to us and told us the witches were so cute and then patiently hoovered over us waiting for us to put the unwanted ones back on the shelf. Still indecisive and not wanting to relinquish any of them just yet Brittany suggested that we use the Mac Beth rule. The witches in Mac Beth traveled in threes. As you can see I invoked the Mac Beth rule and we came home with all three.
We added the trick or treat sign and made the witches into a display.