Monday, December 20, 2010

Snowman Cookie Containers

I love the clear plastic paint cans that are available at the local craft stores. They make the perfect cookie containers. Every year the cookies that I give to friends and family have a theme. Since it's been cold and snowy here, I chose a snowman theme. I baked sugar cookies in the shape of snowflakes (a medium size snowflake fits perfectly in the paint can) and decorated them with white royal icing and Wilton blue sugar pearls. I decorated the outside of the paint can with a snowman scene.

These cookies are on their way to a friend in Germany. He has never had Sugar Cookies and is eagerly awaiting this package. I used a large bread storage bag (available from to line the can. I strongly recommend using the large bread bag because it helps to cushion the inside of the can and protects the cookies during shipment.* I was able to pack 12 cookies in the can with a little room left at the top so the lid would snap down without crushing the cookies.

Directions for Snowman Cookie Can:

Cricut Snow Friends and Winter Woodland cartridges

White, turquoise, black, lilac, blue and a small piece of orange card stock

Clear paint can-available at Michaels

Purple snowman print ribbon-available at Michaels

Martha Stewart snowflake paper punch

Green print paper

Xyron (optional)

Foam Dots

1. Load the Cricut Snow Friends cartridge into the Cricut machine and cut Snowman 10 at 3 inches. Press the scarf key and cut it out of turquoise card stock. Press the shoes, buttons and face keys and cut them out of black card stock. Cut the nose out of orange card stock. Assemble the snowman.

2. Glue the snowman to the front of the paint can using Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue. Press in place until glue begins to set. You can also use a Xyron machine to glue the snowman to the canister. Run the snowman through the machine and peel away the paper backing. Attach the snowman to the paint can. My Xyron machine is the small one, so I had to place my snowman at an angle to get it to fit through the machine.

3. Cut the trees at various sizes (2 inches, 1 1/2 inches, and 1 inch) out of green print paper using the Cricut Winter Woodland cartridge. I used two different shades of green print paper.

4. Run the trees through the Xyron, peel away the backing and attach to the paint can (or use tacky glue) on each side of the snowman.

5. Punch one lilac, one blue and white snowflake out of card stock using the Martha Stewart snowflake paper punch. Glue the snowflakes over the top of the snowman scene.

6. Tie a bow with the snowman print ribbon and attach to the paint can lid using foam dots.

* The bread bag provided excellent protection for the cookies. Eventhough the shipping package was quite battered and torn the cookies arrived intact.