Friday, February 22, 2013

Wishing For Spring

Winter just won't go away. Those of us living in Maryland have been fortunate not to have had a lot of snow this year, but we have had our share of miserable weather. We have had snow, freezing rain, sleet or a combination of all three every week this winter. Yesterday was one of the rare bright sunny days so I took advantage of it to run some errands. Even though the sun was shining, it was still very cold and windy.

Home Depot was my last stop. One last time to get out of the car and brave the icy wind before heading home. My husband sent me to home depot to pick up trays to start his tomato plants. While walking from the garden center to the check out, I found a display of orchids. I was mesmerized by the blue orchids. They were beautiful and unusual and I had to have one. I started to read the tag about orchid care and quickly became disillusioned by the blue orchid. The tag stated that the plant was actually a white orchid infused with blue dye and the new blooms would be white. Sadly I put the blue orchid back on the shelf and walked away. While walking to the check out I found another display of orchids in lavender, pinks and light coral (all natural colors and half the price of the fake blue one). A beautiful lavender orchid caught my attention so I decided to buy it and bring it home as a little present to myself to help me cope with what's left of winter.