Monday, March 4, 2013

Beaded Scarf

Last night I started working on a beaded scarf from Knitting in the Details by Louisa Harding to try to take my mind off of my upcoming back surgery. The pattern called for a cotton/bamboo blend yarn but I substituted Grace hand dyed, a merino wool/silk blend, instead. Knitting with beads is not difficult, but it does take some extra time to string the beads onto the yarn before knitting.

I love Louisa Harding's designs and yarns, her patterns are well written and the charts are easy to read. I love how this scarf is turning out and can't wait to finish it, although I doubt it will be finished before my surgery, which has been pushed up to the end of the week.  One thing that I do have to mention is that this project eats up beads. I have already used almost one tube of beads just on this portion. The pattern calls for 290 beads. I don't know how many beads are in the tube and I had no desire to count them, so I headed off to Michaels to buy 3 more tubes of beads. Hopefully 5 tubes of beads will be enough to complete the project.

Scarf In Progress, beads have been strung on the yarn.

Bottom ruffle is completed.

First pattern repeat is completed.