Saturday, September 13, 2014

Camel Painting

Brittany has been looking for art to decorate her walls, not the mass produced prints available at large department store chains, but nicely framed paintings, preferably original works. We are fortunate to live in an area with several small galleries that carry paintings by local artists but these pieces are not within the budget of someone who has just finished grad school. 

Brittany loves camels, they are her favorite animal and she has a small collection of camels. I decided to give her an original camel painting in a decorative frame for Christmas. I have been working on the painting for several weeks and now it's almost finished and ready to frame.

It's almost finished! Just a few final touches and some shading.

This painting is based on a sketchbook sketch that I developed into a drawing. The painting is acrylic on an 11x14 inch canvas. I primed the canvas with two coats of white gesso and let it dry. I transferred my drawing to the canvas with Saral paper.  I mixed Unbleached Titanium, Raw Sienna, Naples Yellow Hue and Burnt Umber together on a ceramic tile using a palette knife to blend the paints. I applied a light coat of paint to the drawing. Once the camel's basic shape was on the canvas, I began to paint in the background. The background is painted in three steps. I mixed Windsor & Newton Galeria Deep Turquoise with Liquitex Resin Sand (on a ceramic tile with a palette knife) and used the palette knife to apply the mixture to the painting. I let it dry overnight. The resin sand gave the painting a deep almost metallic color when the paint mixture dried. Cool, but a little to harsh. Definitely not the effect that I was going for.  For step 2, I mixed the Deep Turquoise with Golden Molding Paste and a touch of white acrylic paint and mixed them together. I applied the mixture randomly, with a palette knife over the resin sand background. I wanted the background to have a stucco like texture. I let some of the darker paint show through in areas. For step three, I will shade areas of the background with a mixture of Deep Turquoise and a touch of white.