Friday, September 19, 2014

Over Run with Apples

My husband planted an apple tree with the hopes of having some apples to eat and maybe even have enough for an apple pie. Most years the tree didn't produce enough apples to eat, let alone bake a pie. This year he decided to devote a lot of attention to the tree. He pruned, sprayed and fertilized the tree regularly and we were "rewarded" with an abundance of apples. What do we do with all of these apples?  My husband made several jars of applesauce and apple jelly and still we had apples left.  I looked to my French cookbooks for a solution. I decided on a recipe for Tarte Tatin.  It uses a lot of apples and easy to make.  I chose the recipe from Chocloate and Zucchini by Clothide Dusoulier. The first tarte was delicious, although it could have used a few more apples (my fault not hers). I failed to compensate for the fact that my apples were probably much smaller in size than the apples used in the recipe. For the second tarte I filled a cast iron skillet almost to the top with apples.

In an effort to use up the rest of the apples that we had picked, I made a tarte for Michelle to have for dessert. She and Brandon loved it! A shortbread crust, caramel, apples- what's not to love? After all when one thinks of French desserts, Tarte Tatin usually comes to mind.

This is the second tarte.