Sunday, September 14, 2014

Snow Bunny Sweater

When my kids were growing up I often knit sweaters for them. Since most of their friends' mothers didn't knit they were able to wear one of a kind creations. Brittany loved wearing unique sweaters that her friends couldn't have but Michelle was embarrassed by this. She didn't like wearing hand knit sweaters and wanted to wear the sweaters from the mall that everyone else was wearing.

I found a Paton's Winter Fun pattern booklet featuring cute sweaters for kids. Brittany wanted the Snow Bunny sweater. The sweater was fun to knit and the charted design was easy to follow.  When I finished the sweater Brittany proudly wore it to school the next day. She got a lot of compliments but she also was accused of making up a tale. Her teacher wanted to know where her Mom bought the sweater? She proudly told the teacher that her Mom had knit the sweater. Since none of the other mothers in the class knew how to knit, the teacher didn't believe her. After all, color changes and a design; home knitters didn't do that. Finally one of the teachers' checked the inside of the back neck for a tag. When she saw that there was no tag she dropped the subject. Later in the day I received a phone call from the teacher asking me if I had knit the sweater? We all had a good laugh. We had no idea that this cute little sweater would cause such commotion. Recently I found the sweater on the shelf of a closet and Brittany and I laughed about the commotion that this sweater had caused.

The pattern is out of print but a few copies are still available on ebay. I found it by searching for Paton's Winter Fun sweaters.