Friday, October 3, 2014

Remberance of Projects Past

Brittany has started an on-going post on her, Kveldulv Designs, blog that highlights past projects. These are projects that we made years ago, some we incorporated into our home decor and others (I'm sorry to say) were tucked away in the yarn cabinet. Taking my cue from Brittany, I have decided to make periodic postings of past projects to share with you.  Incidently the name for this post is inspired by Marcel Proust.

When I started quilting, my kids wanted me to make them each a quilt. I found Debbie Mumm's Bowsers and Meowsers book at a local quilt shop and decided to make them each a wall hanging size quilt to hang over their beds. Brittany chose the cat quilt and Michelle wanted the dogs. We decided to use the same fabrics in each quilt so the color scheme would match. The pattern was published in 1996 but there are a lot of copies still available-on Amazon, e-bay and other sites. The pattern is easy enough for a beginning quilter. This was only the second time that I had quilted anything.

The dog quilt was the easier of the two quilts.

Dark grey, light grey and taupe print fabrics were used for the cats.