Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hello Kitty Thank You Card

It's been a while since I've used Hello Kitty in a project, she's so cute and sweet that she seems like the obvious choice for a thank you card.  After selecting the Hello Kitty holding the flower image, I embossed her outfit to give it some texture.

 During the holidays I bought DCWV's Chalkboard paper to use in Michelle's inspirational book but the paper didn't work.  I tried a variety of markers, pencils and pens but nothing worked. I tried using chalk but the words smeared.  I tried writing with pastels and then spraying the paper with a permanent fixative, but the words still smeared. I've used this method many times to permanently preserve my pastel paintings so I couldn't understand why it didn't work this time.  I had read that white gel pens can be used to write on chalkboard paper.  It works well and the result is permanent. I cut a small piece of black chalkboard paper and wrote Thanks, thank you and Merci several times and at different angles around the paper and then attached Hello Kitty to the chalkboard background with foam dots.

This card was designed as a thank you card but it could easily be turned into a Valentine's Day card by changing the words on the chalkboard, the color of the background paper and adding a few more hearts.

Directions for Hello Kitty Thank You Card:

Cricut Hello Kitty cartridge
Card stock- white, dark pink, light pink, black and a scrap of dark turquoise
DCWV Chalkboard paper- black
White Gel pen
Small aqua buttons-four
Recollections Paper Roses- medium turquoise
Small purple flower
Recollections Self Adhesive pearls
Orange print card stock
Hot glue gun
Foam Dots
Embellishments-swirl and small heart

Yellow marker

1.  Cut Hello Kitty (HK2) at 2 3/4 inches following the guidelines in the Cricut cartridge booklet. Cut the outfit out of dark pink card stock and then again out of light pink card stock.  Assemble Kitty and color her nose with the yellow marker.  Glue a medium size pearl to the center of the flower in Kitty's hair.  Glue a small purple flower over the flower in Kitty's hand.

2.  Cut a piece of black chalkboard paper 4 inches by 4 inches.  Use the gel pen to write thank you and Merci spaced around the paper.  Write Thank You in large letters across the bottom of the paper.  Attach foam dots to Kitty and center her on the chalkboard paper. Glue a small pink heart to the upper right of the chalkboard.

3.  Cut the orange print card stock 5 inches by 5 inches.  Attach foam dots to the back of the chalkboard paper and center it on the orange print card stock. leaving approximately 1/2 inch border around the chalkboard paper.  Use the hot glue gun to adhere a small aqua button in each corner of the orange print card stock.  Position the orange print card stock approximately 2 1/2 inches from the bottom of the card and glue in place.

4.  Glue the aqua swirl ( this was originally cut from the Cricut Home Decor cartridge) to the bottom (center) of the card. Glue the turquoise rose in the center of the swirl.  Add a small pearl at each end of the swirl.

5.  Cut 2 small triangles from the scrap of dark turquoise card stock and glue over the corners of the card (right  side).