Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bat Garland

In my Halloween decorating the hallway leading to the front door usually gets overlooked because there is no foyer area (the hallway leads directly to the front door). This year I decided to decorate the banister with garland. I bought a garland of black leaves and some sheer glittered purple ribbon at my local craft store. Then I made bats with the Cricut Happy Hauntings cartridge and attached them to the leaves. Next I added some Cobb webs and some battery operated flame-less tea lights.

The pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Bat Garland Directions:

Cricut Happy Hauntings cartridge
Black, dark purple and a scrap of golden yellow card stock
Cobb web material
Purple ribbon (I used purple glittered ribbon)
Black leaf garland
Glimmer mist
Purple ink or chalk to highlight bats
Foam dots
Glimmer Mist Pearl by Tattered Angels
Craft wire
Flame-less battery operated tea lights

1. Set the size dial on the Cricut to 3 1/2 inches. Cut 4 bats out of black card stock using the Bat 1 key. Press the Layer 1 key and cut 4 bats out of dark purple card stock. Snip of a small rectangle from the golden yellow card stock and glue it behind the purple bat's eyes. Assemble the bats.

2. Apply a little purple ink to the bat to highlight it. Spray the bats lightly with Glimmer Mist and let them dry.

3. Attach the garland to the banister poles using craft wire. For safety reasons leave the top handle rail free.

4. Tie 5 bows and attach along the top and the front pole of the banister using craft wire.

5. Apply one small foam dot on the back of the bat's wing tips. Attach the bats to the leaves spacing them several inches apart.

6. Cover the entire garland with Cobb webbing material.

7. Place the flame-less tea lights at the base of the banister between each banister post.