Monday, October 4, 2010

Bewitching Candle

I recently purchased Cricut's Happy Hauntings cartridge and wanted to use the images in this year's Halloween decorations. I decided to make a Halloween candle. Since the images on the candle holder are made from paper I felt it was safer to use a flame-less candle as the light source.

Directions for Bewitching Candle:

Candle base with glass insert

Cricut Happy Hauntings and Mini Monsters cartridges

Sizzix Bats Sizzlets Die

Flame-less Candle

Grey, black, dark purple, dark lime green and light lime green, yellow, white and gold card stock

Black glitter glue

Martha Stewart Gothic Fence paper punch

Tim Holtz Tea Dye Distress Ink, Green Ink

Small foam dots

1. Cut bats out of black card stock using the Sizzix Bats die. Highlight the bats with black glitter glue. You can substitute your favorite bats instead.

2. Set the Cricut dial to 2 inches and cut 2 tombstones out of black card stock using the Mini Monsters cartridge. Using the Layer 1 key and grey card stock cut the tombstone tops. Using white card stock and the Layer 2 key cut the skull and cross bones for the tombstones. Assemble the tombstones and highlight them with the tea dye distress ink.

3. Make a small circle out of gold card stock using a circle cutter or paper punch.

4. Punch a fence to fit around the glass insert out of black card stock using the Martha Stewart Gothic Fence paper punch. Highlight the bats with black glitter glue.

5. Cut a 2 inch tree using black card stock and the Mini Monsters cartridge.

6. Cut a 2 inch witch out of dark purple card stock using the Happy Hauntings cartridge. Cut the witch's face out of dark lime green card stock using the Layer 1 key. Next cut the face over lay and hands using the Layer 1 and shift keys and the light lime green card stock. Using black card stock and the shift key cut the witch over lay. Finally cut the broom base using yellow card stock.
Assemble the witch. highlight the witch's face with green ink and the yellow broom base with tea dye distress ink. Apply glitter glue to the broom handle.

7. Attach the fence to glass insert using small foam dots. Apply a small foam dot to each tombstone and attach to the glass just above the bottom of the fence ( I slightly angled the right tombstone). Place the tree so that one branch rests on top of the tombstone. Attach the witch to the glass so that her foot is slightly above the top of the angled right tombstone. Place the gold circle slightly to the upper left of the witch and glue the bats to the circle.