Saturday, October 30, 2010

Polar Bear Quilt

I found a bear quilt pattern in the clearance bin at my local quilt shop. Even though the price had been drastically reduced I debated about buying it because the picture of the finished quilt was dark and drab (the bears were brown, dark green and dark blue with burgundy and tan accents). I love bears and collect them and I wanted to make a bear quilt to use as a wall hanging. Since I liked the bears and the over all quilt design but not the colors, I purchased the pattern and changed the colors. I decided to make a Polar Bear quilt and used several white on white print fabrics for my bears. I wanted the quilt to evoke the feeling of the cool climates of the Polar Bears and chose a cool color palette of blues and purples.

Here is the finished result. Unfortunately the pattern that I used is no longer available. The yellowish cast on some of the bears is due to the light that quilt was photographed in.