Monday, March 2, 2015

Historical Cross Stitch Kits

One of the nice things about visiting Colonial Williamsburg is getting to see all of the handcrafted items used in the 18th century.  Needlework skills were highly valued and girls were taught to stitch simple samplers.  As the stitcher became more accomplished her sampler's became more detailed and elaborate.  It's sad that we no longer value needlework as an accomplished skill.

While browsing the gift shop in the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor's Center, I found some cross stitch kits.  The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation offered a small Governor's Palace kit (including pattern, floss and fabric) for $10, with all of the proceeds from the sale benefiting the Foundation.  I think it's always nice when one can purchase an item that benefits a foundation devoted to the preservation of our history.

The pattern is easy to stitch, the colors were easy to sort and the floss and the fabric were good quality.  Someone new to cross stitch should have no trouble stitching this design.

This is the progress after a couple of hours of stitching.